With the motto “Making Science Work,” Pukana Partners, Ltd. has carved out a niche in the biotech industry thanks in large part to their attention to detail and collaboration. “Pukana” means sunrise in Hawaiian and expanding new vistas for their clients is their focus. They have quickly turned into one of the most respected names in their field, helping biotechnology companies around the globe.The focus has always been on details and collaboration for Pukana Partners, Ltd., and that is something Dr. Mark J. Ahn was very adamant about when he became Principal of the company. Analysis, strategies and solutions are strategic, timely and practical focused on building and accelerating value for clients.

For biotechnology companies, the focus is initially on translating technology opportunities into commercial opportunities. This can be beneficial for companies as well as patients. Doing detailed, specific and industry-leading analysis to properly ensure that each product, strategy and alliance adds value for each client is the central focus for Pukana.